Monday Bike Ride

If you look at the side bar, you will notice a new widget. I have linked my Strava profile into my blog. As of today it also has a new ride. I extended my favorite airport loop ride out to 31.5 miles today, taking advantage of the sunny but significantly cooler weather.

This is my first non-commute ride since I took a spill back in May. It took longer to get back in shape this time, then it got hot. real hot. I enjoy riding but not in 109° weather. So when today the high was in the 80’s and clear with almost no wind, I knew I had to make time for a ride.

The only thing that spoiled the ride today was a broken spoke. I knew something wasn’t quite right when the derailleur started tapping the spokes in low gear. When I got home it only took a second to find a spoke that was no longer connected to the hub. So that means that this afternoon I will need to take a trip down to the bike shop and have the spoke replaced. And, I was just starting to think that with $4.00 pre gallon gas I might catch up to my expenses.

If the weather holds, I’m looking forward to another ride on Friday. For now, it’s time to hit the shower.