Starting Again

It has been some time sense I blogged regularly. Part of that has been not having a platform that I liked. Another part was lack of energy. Well I’ve overcome both and now I’m going to try bloging again with a slightly different format then the last time.

One change is that I am using a static site generator called Jekyll that will make it much easier to keep the site up and availible. It is still much more flexible then something like wordpress, and I intend to take advantage of Jekyll’s ability to work with formats other then blogs posts to create a some bit of a combination of a blog and a personal Wiki. This idea is borrow from Martin Fowler who publishes what he calles his bliki.

That said, this site is still a chance to play around and I intend to amke changes and upgrades fairly often. I want to add comments. I also want to be able to write a post and have it published in the future. I find I get in a Blogging mood and will write three or four posts in a day, and then want to spread out the publication so everything doesn’t drop all at once. I have a number of my Sermons here but you have to go to the All Saints website to find them, so I need to index them. The layout is ok, but feels a little plain still. Fortunatly, Jekyll makes it easy to play around.

Hopefully this will be the start of a period of more consistand blogging. Thanks for reading.